World Book Day & 5 Unique Bookshops in London

World Book Day is a joyous occasion for children in London. They are doing so graciously. I saw it firsthand when I attended the World Book Day fair in Camden, London. Camden Market planned a number of events at the market, such as reading aloud on a barge, dressing up as a favourite character from a book, eating delicacies inspired by the book’s plot, and so on.

On this World Book Day, I got a chance to talk to Yasmin Camilla, a London influencer mom, I inquired as to how her children observe World Book Day. She explained that every year as the big day approached, her kids would be so enthusiastic to plan their outfits. They would discuss what they wear from head to toe.

“After some deliberation, my daughter decided to dress as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland this year, and her son as the man from Rat Burger,” said Yasmin enthusiastically.

Yasmin’s kids were so excited on World Book Day!

When I return to Indonesia, I will undoubtedly instill this practice in my children. I don’t think I have ever done this when I was a kid. I used to participate in a storytelling competition to encourage my love of reading, but not like this one where I dressed up as a book character.

Reading books is a great habit that should be fostered from an early age. I remember when I was a kid, I was so happy to go to bookstores and read books there. My parents would allow me to buy books per month. I also frequently go to the library to read books that my parents could not afford. In Indonesia, there are not many bookstore options and usually, they are located in the city center. I am quite amazed that in London, bookstores are not only in the city center but also amidst a neighborhood in suburb areas, even on the water!

1. Waterstones

Let’s begin with the most well-known. Waterstones is a large bookshop business that sells a broad variety of books. There are numerous Waterstones in London, but I generally go to the one on Gower Street, which is close to my university, UCL. I like the one at Trafalgar Square as well. They each have a coffee shop within their book stores. What piques my attention is the fact that some books include an excerpt put in a post-it note.

Location: Waterstones – 82 Gower St, London WC1E 6EQ

2. Word on the Water

Word on the Water is an independent book shop that literally sells its book on the water. The books are put inside a boat on the Regent’s Canal in King’s Cross area. I talked to Gabriel who worked there and he said that it’s been around a while now. He really liked the diverse crowd of people that come to the book shop from all over the world. The owner who initially started it actually lives on the boat.

Location: Word On The Water (The London Bookbarge) – Regent’s Canal Towpath, London N1C 4LW

3. Daunt Books

I found this bookshop accidentally when I walked randomly around Haverstock Hill. One of the things in this bookshop that I could not forget is its children’s corner. There were colorful chairs and the corner decorated with string suspended on the ceiling with triangle-shaped colorful papers.

Location: Daunt Books – 193 Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park, London NW3 4QL

4. Foyles

What I like in Foyles is the quotes that they put on each table of books. They are always interesting and catch my attention. Foyles is also a huge bookstore like Waterstones with four stories and a cafe on top.

Location: Foyles – 107 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0DT

5. Walden Books

Walden Books is a humble secondhand book shop in Camden. When I entered the book shop, I could sense the smell of the old book right away. The shopkeeper is a kind old man that likes to give explanations about each book that the buyer asked.

Location: Walden Books – 38 Harmood St, London NW1 8DP

Do you guys keen to read books and go to the book store? What do you usually do during World Book Day?

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