5 Recommended Thrift Shops in Camden, London

There is a super interesting fact about Camden that I love: it’s a heaven of thrift shops! It’s mushrooming everywhere! It is a lifestyle that I never thought would be popular. I didn’t even expect – at my first glance – that these are thrift shops. The stores look like normal stores which sell new clothes, contrasting with what secondhand shops in Indonesia look like, rather gloomy and dirty.

I think thrifting has become a thing because it has so many upsides. First of all, it surely is saving the planet. Data from World Economic Forum shows that fashion waste has become the biggest pollutant compared to others like mining, infrastructure, etc. Wow?! It is serious data and we need to consider doing a radical shift in order to minimize the damage to mother earth. If we buy secondhand clothes, we can extend the age of the clothes hence not wasting them. Also, it’s fun to think of what the clothes have been through before and will be through after our usage.

1. Traid

Traid is the one that is located the closest to my flat. It is located near the Camden Town underground tube station. The mannequin on display in front of the store would instantly make you feel curious to see what’s inside. Yep, they are a super edgy fashion that easily fixes your eyes. It has easily become my favorite as the inside decoration made me feel like in a boutique instead of a secondhand shop. The quality of the clothes is also very nice cause it seems to be curated delicately. This store also regularly organizes crazy sales. There was once an ‘all for £1’ sale which easily made me do crazy shopping.

Location: 154 Camden High St, London NW1 0NE

2. Oxfam

Oxfam is an organization that aims to end global poverty. The charity company runs several stores that not only sell clothes but also books. Watch out for the front part of the store cause it usually stores gems of sales clothes. If you are lucky, there are knitwears inside that basket, but if you are not lucky, there are just underwear there, lol.

Location: 89 Camden High St, London NW1 7JL

3. Mind

Mind is a mental health charity movement. They have this kind of store to support research and development of mental health. I could not stop staring at the store’s fun interior design especially I love the arrangement of the room. I mean, look at that transparent head mannequin with the headband? Genius!

Location: 60 Camden High St, London NW1 0LT

4. Scope


The scope is a disability charity. So every purchase that you generate here would be donated to the disability center. What I noticed here, Scope has different types of hats. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the baker boy hat that I have been looking for. I think it makes me look like a real Londoner. However, if I buy a new hat that is not secondhand, it would be too expensive. At Camden High Street, the price would be as high as £25! In Scope, the hats would range from only £3!

Location: 73 Camden High St, London NW1 7JL

5. Cancer Research

As the name suggests, Cancer Research is a cancer research charity. The vibe inside Cancer Research is honestly a little bit grim for me. I don’t know why. I found a pretty wrap coat here but I didn’t bring my card with me. So, yeah, better luck next time.

Location: 81 Camden High St, London NW1 7JL

Overall, I think the ultimate advantage of charity shops like this is, of course, saving our money to buy new stuff that we averagely wear only 4 times a day. For example, for a coat that I bought, the retail price would be around £50 but I bought it for £20 only. Even you can find branded bag with £15 only.

That’s all folks, I hope you guys find this useful. Happy thrifting!