6 Famous Spots at University College London, UCL Bloomsbury Area

Hey there! It’s me, Mamanad.

As you all know, I study at UCL. It’s located in Bloomsbury, Central London. The campus area is very huge, it took me a while to remember the area. If you are UCL student, I challenge you to guess the name of each of these popular sites:

Can you guess them all? What? You couldn’t? Okay, I will help you out:

  1. Portico
  2. Cruciform Building
  3. South Quad
  4. Malet Place
  5. Wilkins Terrace
  6. Student Center

UCL Campus Tour would surely start from its famous Portico entrance. We must be astonished by the grandeur of UCL’s main entrance. It is called the UCL’s “Portico”, the most famous landmark of the campus. It was designed by William Wilkins, that’s why it’s called the Wilkins building. He also designed the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, several years later.

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Another interesting fact, in 2009, filming for UCL alumnus and acclaimed film director Christopher Nolan’s Academy Award-winning film Inception took place in the Flaxman Gallery and in the Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre. Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the stars in the movie. (Source: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/2016/nov/7-ucls-best-throwback-photographs)

Flaxman Gallery at UCL Main Library

I was quite taken aback to know that there was a time when the construction of UCL had been hampered. The construction was begun in 1826. When Portico was initially built, it was not completed until 1829, by which time academic sessions were already underway in UCL. Lack of funds caused the delay, which also meant that the grand development planned for the rest of the central UCL sites did not take place.

At Gordon Square, we’ll find the UCL Student Center. It is a building designed to be the home of UCL students for the next century. It is also a new home for Jeremy Bentham’s body since it was said that in the past, the body was stolen by Kings College students. So it is important to keep the body safe in the Student Center. The new center embraces traditional and new ways of working and is built to adapt to a dynamic world.

And then finally, I want to show you my campus, the Institute of Education at Bedford Way. IOE has won numerous awards from prestigious institutions. One of which is by QS World Ranking. At the forefront of education and social science teaching and research, the IOE is home to 6 academic departments and over 30 centers.

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