Summer Style – Must Have Clothes for Summer 2018

Summer is just around the corner. Playing dress up for summer is definitely not as hard as winter. There are some keys to nail summer outfits. This post contains tricks of how to bring minimum clothes with maximum modification.

Day 1

Maxi and cold-shoulder slit dress is a perfect combo for Bali. The best thing about long dress is that it could disguise your plump thigh. First stop: Titik Temu Coffee Shop.


After feeling energized enough, we decided to walk to Sea Circus. They’re not so close but the dress avoid me feeling so sweaty.

Wear matchy sunnies.
Round rattan bag is definitely a must-have this year
Loving how long dress makes you look taller than your actual height.

Day 2

You should try to combine off-shoulder top with stripey-pants. Don’t forget to rock on accessories so you’d have various styles in a day. Yep in this case I wore scarf and hat. I just put on and off the scarf and voila I effortlessly had two different styles for the day. In the morning I wear the scarf but later in the afternoon, I put it off. Anyway, loving Nook’s interior and its combination with paddy field a lot.

Rattan crafts everywhere.



The scarf added classy nuance for the outfit.

Bali’s weather was very damp and I just had to change clothe in the afternoon. You know what, printed dress never fails! Especially when there are pineapples in it. I’d recommend wearing color-popping tank-top. It could be purple, pink, or same but lower tone like navy or black.


Day 3

Because I love the dress so much, I wore the dress againthe next day but with different way. I wore white tank-top and not wearing it as a cardigan but fully tie the rope.

Loving everything about Kim Soo’s interior design.


My sister and I, without prior coordination wearing blue-themed dress. 😀

The next destination was Motel Mexicola. As you know the place is very colorful so you have to tone down your outfit. Simple white shirt even enough.


The full team.

If I could wrap it up, 2018 summer outfit:

  • cold shoulder dress
  • sabrina top
  • striped pants/cullote
  • shorts

Must have accessories:

  • color sunnies
  • beach hat
  • round rattan bag

That’s all for today’s fashion tips. You’re definitely ready for summer! 🙂