Where’s the most efficient and feasible quick travel-getaway destination?

Too much working could cause you troublesome – be it on your physical and/or mental health. It would cause you burnout and make you less creative than ever. Decades of research in exercise science show that hard work should be followed by appropriate recovery and reflection. The problem is that we are always too overloaded with schedules and deadlines hence shortfall of time is hard to be averted. But as long as you have two day-offs, I think I could give you an advice.

I would like to recommend you to travel to a place that meets these requirements: good public transportation with sufficient international direction board, enticing tourism sites, affordable accommodation expense.

A commendable transportation system that reaches the whole city would decrease a potential time-loss (since you only have limited time). While interesting tourism sites and affordable accommodation expense are subjective, it is always necessary to do research though it’s a last-minute one.

public transport 2public transport

I haven’t experience many destination that comply with these categories but one: Singapore. I work as a journalist and it’s relatively hard to get time-off. Thus, I could only utilize my day-off. I won’t let these precious two days just passed by.


First Day

I bought the first flight from Soekarno Hatta to Changi International Airport. Thereafter, I went to ArtScience Museum, which located in Marina Bay Sands area. They have four exhibitions: Art From The Streets, Treasures of the natural world, Future World, Into The Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure. To ensure that you have ample and quality time to interact with each artwork, I recommend you to visit during working hour because during peak hours, a queue may be expected at the exhibition entrance.


Second destination of the first day was Bugis area. This area offers you different vibe from the futuristic-appeal that Marina Bay Sands offer. Yet, it is unassailably attractive in many ways. They have cafes with unique interior designs and murals—representing modest yet prolific neighborhood in the modern city. There are many ways of enjoying this district. In my case, it was raining so I bought some time to warm myself up with a cup of flat-white coffee in Singapura Club then continued with adequate picture-time in front of the well-known murals in Haji Lane.

At night, I enjoyed Spectra—the light and water show. This magic show made me so immersed with the symphony of music, water and light that presented by advanced laser, fountain and visual projector. The good news is: it’s FREE!



Second Day

You have to wake up early to enjoy Orchard Road’s spacious pedestrian. It’s a very supportive area for a morning jog. Don’t forget to take photos with eccentric installments in Takashimaya area.

I think Bugis has to be explored more than a day. On the second morning, I was lucky to have my local friends Danial, Mayumi and Ari accompany me and mom to enjoy breakfast in Victory Restaurant. They have “Murtabak”—similar with egg martabak in Indonesia. Not far from the restaurant, we went to Sultan Mosque which located at Muscat Street and North Bridge Road within the Kampong Glam pretinct of the district of Rochor. The prayer hall and domes highlight the mosque star features.

sultan 2sultan 3

Right after that, we went to the National Gallery of Singapore. It was better to enjoy an indoor attraction at noon because the sun was blazing. Situated in Singapore’s Civic District, the Gallery consists of two national monuments, the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall.


Last destination before flying back to Jakarta was Gardens by The Bay. Singapore realizes that it doesn’t own a real natural landscape but it doesn’t cease them to impress tourist by fabricating them. Their effort to establish flower dome and cloud forest dome was mesmerizing. No wonder the queue to get into each dome was pretty long. Indonesian should be grateful for what we have at home. I am optimistic that we could upgrade our level in terms of natural tourism.


Quick Tips

  1. Do web check in; it saves time!
  2. Pack light; you need to mobile easily!
  3. Bring a long instant noodle; it saves meal expense!
  4. Use bus instead of MRT; it is part of the attraction because it shows you the city!
  5. Last but not least, just use the phone for maps not for updating social media; it saves time and energy!

What do you think guys? I’m sure there are many other places that I haven’t got the chance to reconnoitre. So, where do I have to go for the next quick travel-getaway?