How to Stay Stylish in Melbourne’s Constantly Changing Weather

Hi, passionate people!

I just got back from Melbourne, Australia. Sebenarnya sudah 2 minggu lalu sih. But I got asked by some people regarding Melbourne’s weather and what kind of clothes would be appropriate to wear (but stay stylish). Well Melbourne has been recognized as a city with unpredictable weather. Paginya cerah tapi tiba-tiba hujan rintik 1 menit, terus terang lagi, terus hujan deras. So, don’t expect anything in Melbourne, really.

First thing first, we have to check the weather before departure. In my case, it was mid October and it was 12 degree. Udah mendekati summer tapi tetap dingin! As a tropical country girl, I thought it would still be too cold for me. I found it tricky to dress up in chill weather because we’ll be stuck in jacket meanwhile usually jacket will take so much space in the luggage because it’s very bulky. No worries, just make sure you have your long john.

Let’s cut to the chase! I’m gonna show you what I wore in 7 days and I hope it would give you inspiration. Before that, I’d like to give my highest acknowledgment to my lovely mom & tailor because I discussed the whole outfit plan with them.

Disclaimer: The purpose of my visit to Australia was for a conference, so the outfits are mostly formal attire.

Day 1. Songket Bali Blazer + matchy inner + black pants + most favorite short heels shoes ever.
Day 2. Matching Tenun Bali vest and ruffle skirt + white shirt.


Day 3. Organdi ruffle top + Songket Bali skirt + black leather jacket.
Day 4. Contemporary Jogja Batik + black blazer.
Day 5. Tenun Endek Bali combined with Jogja Lurik suit + my fav casual shoes.
Day 6. Tenun Maia top from @hira.apparel + black shirt + black beret.
Day 7. Klaten Tenun combined with Jogja Lurik vest and pants + @shopataleen black top.

Yap, that’s all! I myself thought that it was hard to pack things up. I really want to pack light but at the same time I want to be fashionable. So what I did was really organizing what to wear everyday before the departure.

jadwal baju
I literally look at this picture when I’m about to dress up in the morning.

Believe me, it helps a lot! If you have time, you just have to put every clothes you’re planning to wear in daily order, including the accessories, then take a pict of them then edit on PhotoGrid. Lebay? No. Well, you want to be 100% ready and won’t left anything behind, right? (I actualy forgot to put the sunnies on the picture).

If you realize, I wore traditional fabric in every outfit. That’s kind of my commitment. I want to promote Indonesia’s culture to the world. Every day, my friends asked me “What fabric is that?” and they thought that it’s very original and unique. Untung aja bisa menjelaskan karena nanya dulu ke Ibu Endang! Thanks to my mom. Ooh she’s so passionate about Indonesia’s traditional fabric.

See you on the next #StyledByNadiaAtmaji tips.

Happy mix n’ match!

Nadia Atmaji